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We used to offer but found these easily got blockedand alot of ups and downs so we made a new solution to guarantee success

We have our Unblock Proxy service included free with subscriptions

Due to iplayer, itv, 4od etc constantly having issues where they detect smart dns and detect server ip as vpn and works for little periods until constant replacing and so on.

We want to offer this as a free extra to all vpn customers and have always tried to keep it running, so backend ive been working on a new proxy system which we have now completed and working great, when connected you have minimum speed loss and changes your ip to a residential ip and is constantly rotated between various residential ips we have added on a rotating script. meaning you connect to one ip which is our main server and it will push all traffic through our new proxy setup giving you a uk residential ip.

I am working on getting app made for android standalone and soon as i have finished wireguard which is also in close proximity will be adding the feature in the vpn app and will also be selling this as a seperate service too other than vpnshop but all vpnshop customers will have access to which is a bonus for you all.

You are welcome to use this now with the following details

Proxy ip:
Proxy Port: 8001
Proxy Type: HTTP/HTTPS

Username: your vpn username
Password: your vpn password

Note above ip wont be server that you see when doing tests, it will be our residential ips you see, you will see there, any sites like and so on you might need clear your cache or use incognito browser to see ip change if you do want to check.

On Firefox you can do this, or on Windows its very easy to setup and Mac devices <— here is guide for Windows,Browser and Mac

On android you can use this app which works well


on android you can also do via your wifi settings if go to advanced settings or apn settings if using mobile network.

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